Porting the App to an online Website !

Incredible ! I figured out I could just port MathTouchBook to a simple online page for any modern browser…  You can already use the beta port here

Capture du 2016-10-27 20:21:33.png

When I started the MathTouchBook project 2 years ago, I targeted tablets and phones, and I could never have guessed I would be able to port the whole work on an online page in a few days !

Since the source is thousands of C++ lines using OpenGL ES2, a special set of low level functionalities only meant for mobiles, I knew the Android and iOS ports would be possible, but certainly not a HTML5/Javascript port ! What happened ?

Well, First: WEBGL, the javascript version of OpenGL, was designed so it was very close to GLES2. And then I discovered the Emscripten compiler: it forked a well known C++ compiler, LLVM, so that javascript would be targeted as an assembler. And most of all, Emscripten offers direct bindings from C++/GLES2 to WebGL ! ( for the details: there’s a recent evolution of the javascript core with typed arrays: they had to implement this so WebGL could work. And the magic is Emscripten also use this to manage its “assembler”. )

In short, 2 Web technologies evolved exactly as they had to so I could port my work !