Next update will have 3D Graphs !

Version 1.0 is released, but I plan to add some more features in the forthcoming weeks: 3D Graphs are currently developed , for functions with 2 parameters , and even 3: I will use something like raytracing to display f(x,y,z) functions with “implicit surfaces”.

Note the Math Engine already knew how to give the normal vectors at the surface, which is used for lighting:  it’s just the cross product of the derivatives.

This is rendered using Shaders and GPU, which means your device will be used smartly !

I also plan to add Function Compositions, that will allow to use a fonction as a parameter of another one. I have to manage a special keyboard mode for this. Both with 3D Graphs, it will open a lot more capabilities for the whole app !

Link For Android Smartphones and tablets !
Link For iPhone and iPad !