1 049 352 …. Bytes !!!

1 049 352 bytes !!  Ironically just 776 bytes after 1 MegaByte !!

(which is 1024*1024= 1048576 bytes)

To my surprise, this will be more or less the final size of #MathTouchBook for Android, that is to be released within the coming week (for sure, I promise, btw it’s a scoop !).

Capture d’écran 2016-02-05 à 22.50.35

The Apple iPhone/iPad version is more likely to weight 3 or 4 Mb, due to some external program libraries that iOS needs.

I wasn’t expecting less than One Mega for this App, this is great news to discover that thin number ! As light as powerful !

What happened ? I planned to include the Facebook SDK at first (3Mb), but I realised the “Share with Intent” system from Android was better. So I cleaned all the useless stuffs and logs from the App…

The tool is primarily using only my own C++ libraries, but I was a bit afraid because of the use of templates at some points in the code: C++ templates can really be useful for coding Maths because they allow to “Overload” simple operators (Addition,Substraction,Multiplication, whatever else.) by making abstraction of the actual type of your data. (Well, more or less.)


But C++ is an old language and C++ templates have a big disadvantage: Every template’s functions operators and methods you use is recompiled each time you use it. I mean: when you read a data in a map (C++’s hash table) , the whole read code is compiled for each call. ( for the record, only allocators are external with templates, and C++ libs like boost stands in includes and not .cpp for these reasons.)

But even if it has a funky side, MathTouchBook is an App with 95% Code and 5% data, so it’s really a “Algorithms and nothing else” approach. Beside that, I only have some little mp3 and PNG out there ! – Just what you need ! Capture d’écran 2016-02-04 à 13.11.58